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[klair-aw-dee-uh ns]
  1. the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead.

A psychic may have the ability to actually hear the sound of spirits if the said spirit is strong enough to convert the existing inert energy it has access to, to create an analog effect. In this case the sound would be at the lowest range of the human hearing range of approximately 20 Hz. However, at this level it is important to know that due to the extremely limited range of this signal, the psychic would have to be within inches of the source to hear it in most cases.  This is why the spirit tends to be near or next to the psychic, which also causes the psychic to also have a physical sense of disruption at the same time. It is thought that when the spirit uses the energy to create this analog sound, the warmth in that area experiences a drop in temperature.



  1. the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Clairvoyance is a bit more mystical in a psychics skill set. There is science behind it, but it is not widely accepted as fact based. So when this skill is provided, it is explained more by its actions then by facts or testing.

A psychic will provide a reading in which future events or recent events in great detail might be provided. In these readings, the details can include almost anything, and everything. An evidential psychic or medium are noted in these circumstances.An example although random is when a client asked if they would be traveling on their vacation in one month and if everything would be okay. The Clairvoyant answer was not what they wanted to hear. The vacation would be canceled in 3 weeks, due to an unforeseen issue. It had nothing to do with them, but the circumstances were undeniable. 3 weeks later they did cancel their trip to to sever hurricane forecasted to hit their vacation area the next week, which it did. The follow up phone call was filled with a thanks for the foresight, so that the actual news was less impactful.



perception of what is not normally perceptible.

This is the big one, where the beginner psychic meets the advanced. All humans are sentient beings. There is a catch to this skill. The choice. Humans are in what is known as a 3D world, 3 dimensional. We have the vision or visual perception of height, width, depth. This provides us with the 3D. Secondly we have the mental capacity for problem solving, and we are self aware. Being self aware means that we as humans are aware of ourselves as “being”. We are alive. Next, our self awareness is possible by many things that are tangible, and non-tangible. Non-tangible referring to the spiritual, and kinetic energy which seems to produce a mental awareness of things present or not present.

This awareness is also limitless. Science has predetermined boundaries for baseline, while awareness or gut feeling has no boundaries or measurable baselines. We are limitless, and our sentient potential is unknown. But, beware, this spiritual freedom does have dangers. If you fall prey to these, then your awareness could become dangerous to your own 3D world, and very likely others around you.


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