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I have the gift of psychic mediumship and served as a chief paranormal investigator.

I am a Christian spiritualist believing that there is one God that created the heavens, the earth and that God loves His creation.

I am a native of Boston Massachusetts and worked in emergency medicine for almost a decade. This combination of professionalism, crisis intervention training, and my psychic medium gifts gives me the tools I need to successfully bring  situations – both spiritual, and emotional – into a calm state of reason, and understanding. Using my gift of sight into the spiritual realm. 

I am a natural counselor and coach. I found my path in life coaching. My focus on spiritual awakening and calmness is a strong, and brings my clients to a clearer understanding. From distressed, to centered, then ready to take on the next challenge in their lives. As an intuitive person, I have always been blessed to see the desires within others and understand the healing that they seek – emotionally and spiritually. My connection is true and peer reviewed. My goal is to leave you with peace of mind, and tools to move forward in life.

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