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This is a very competitive industry for mediums. In order to survive they have to grab the attention of their clients in some way. This includes advertising, web page development, and more!

When it comes to the abilities of mediums there is a very large variety of abilities. Different methodologies for each medium brings about different results.

As for the attention of the media, it is a very dubious honor to be given awards. The more popular you become the more scrutiny you will face. For myself, I can even claim that I was voted number 15th best medium in the world according to one contest, but was it scientific? No. How ever, I am truly thankful for each and every one of them for taking the time to send in their votes. The reason I share that information is to honor and respect those who took the time to vote for me.

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About My Work

I work mostly on Oranum right now. They have the highest traffic levels for what my job is.

I do not use any tools of the trade as of yet, but through demand, I am learning the tarot cards. Right now, my intuition is my strength, and I am very passionate about it. When I am doing a reading, I will tell you what I get. I do not believe in trying to hold onto you to make as much money as I can. I also know that there is a tremendous amount of psychology that goes into this job, and appreciation for people and their concerns.

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There is no charge for contacting me. I will respond to all questions as soon as possible.

I only give readings live on the radio show for free, or Oranum, not via emails…..sorry.

Click here to contact me to make a private appointment on Oranum.


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Revelation? Perhaps

Revelation? Perhaps

It has long been my thought that we are quiet unaware of our origins. Many people in our world always ponder this as a deep thought, but all we have is science to provide us with ideas, along with their version of proof that most of us do not understand. One of the beliefs I have always subscribed to was “knowing when I hear the real truth”. There are many out there who will tell you their opinion, and try like crazy to prove themselves correct, but it never really holds true. So, today, I am writing my belief on what our origins are, and it supports all of the religious beliefs, some science, and many of the conspiracy theory’s all at once. You might as yourself “is that even possible?” The simple answer is yes. The reason….we are so ignorant to the truth, that it is comical! How can we be so ignorant? It has nothing to do with stupidity, and everything to do with what we “think” we know. Our Ego is our downfall, and our life blood. Many of us do not worry about our ego, because we have great comfort in how we perceive ourselves in the world. That is the biggest reason for our ignorance, and why we are so much more than our bodies and minds allow us to believe. Lets look at religion, and Ego. It is an interesting puzzle, but, at the same time, it is clearly missing some critical information. We are told that there is a GOD, we are also told that he loves us unconditionally. We are told... read more


One thing that keeps coming up with being a medium/psychic is the people I read. Some of them are wonderful, but once in a while you get some who are vicious!  I had a lady the other day in a reading, and at first everything was going great. Then I said one thing that was not the best of information, but not a bad thing. What happened next was watching a personality change that was scary!  From calm, and fun loving to screaming and swearing, and relentless. Almost like a child acting out because she did not get her way. The language was terrible, and her last comment before she disconnected was heartbreaking.    And yet, here I am, still loving my job….why? Because I know that I did not do anything wrong, and I know that she might come back and ask for further readings. People just have bad days some times.   But….wow, some people are abusive! And they don’t even know... read more
Truth, True or false

Truth, True or false

It is a very common question, and one that gets lots of attention. Are mediums and psychics real? Well, the answer is very easy, but the proof is not so easy. From science comes facts, from belief comes faith. Both are opposite in the quest for the truth. But, the bottom line for your question is, “what is the truth?” We have to take a step into another frame of mind. One that puts us closer to the beginning, but not the beginning of time. The beginning of your birth. Strange as that might seem. This is where your understanding of all things begin. At this point, your mind is blank, and forming. I computer hard drive without any operating system. How ever there is a “bios” that is built in. This is known as the EGO. The first part of this is self, or the ID. Basic survival, and quite aggressive. But also very innocent. The next part is what your parent(s) begin to teach. Now that is where the programming begins. Your understanding of the world around you. As this grows in information, you are given basic facts about life. This is also where the beliefs are programmed into you. This is the beginning of truth, facts, and fiction, from outside sources. As you mature, these programs or lessons of life guide your actions, and choices. Prejudice, fear, hatred, love, patience, and trust. These can and will be changed through out your existence in this life. So, now that these lessons or programs have been given to you, you develop your own idea of what “truth” is.... read more
Taking a leap of faith

Taking a leap of faith

Any time people hear the comment/cliche’ “I am taking a leap of faith” it is quite a statement. For me how ever, it is now becoming true. For the longest time I have had my passions in medicine. I felt it was steady, and an honorable field for a career. However, something has changed, and I can only hope for the best. I have decided to step away from the medical field and move into the teaching field. I have become an English teacher, and a metaphysical guide. Better known as a medium/psychic. I just hope that this proves to be lucrative enough to support my family. I am quite nervous, but at the same time, excited. So, lets begin, and see where this new adventure takes me. To anyone who reads this, a small silent wish of good luck is... read more
What is a medium or psychic

What is a medium or psychic

That is one of the most common questions asked. Both skills are actually different, but it is said by most that being psychic is within each of us, but it depends on what you decide to believe in. Psychics most common claim is seeing the possible future, past, or current moment. In some cases they can describe facts that will be very accurate. But, it is only the possibilities that they see. These can in fact become accurate truths or facts, but that is to be determined by the person being read. There is one limitation, psychics cannot do readings on dead people. They are not mediums Mediums on the other hand are both. They can provide readings about past loved ones, even have a mystical connection between them. It will appear as a conversation. Mediums can also do the psychic things as well. There is a cliche that says. “All mediums are psychics, but psychics are not... read more

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Medium Matthew Brandau is a master psychic and medium, as well as a father, and has varied interests and passions, including health & medicine, music, good food and friendship.

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