When it comes to being a psychic or medium, its a very strange job/career/calling.

One of the biggest stories in this line of work is about who is the latest and best for listing psychics. There are many out there, some stay around for a long time, others, and most of them to be honest, come in, and leave very fast.

If you google search for the word psychic, brace yourself. You will get overloaded with pages of websites with the word psychic in them. Some are services, some are commentary, and some are opinion blogs.

its sort of like going on to you tube and typing the word police or repairing. Your search ends in a wild array of videos that lead you to wonder what is going on in this internet world.

For the psychic side of things, it’s a whole new strategy.

Our work is done by phone, group readings, online text, and video chat.

Not all services we find and try offer these. Most do, but the problem is not if these services can, but how much do they charge the psychic, or what their policies are for how many hours you must be on their system per week, and how much of a cut do they take for using their web based service.

You might be surprised at how little a psychic might earn in a year!

Its not as much as one might imagine. There are the scam artists who wind up in the news casting a very negative nasty light on the psychic name as a whole. But then this happens to almost every career. From military services to various contractors, to the web.

I guess the bottom line is that if you are good at your choice of career, you stick with it. No matter how its name gets hacked up.

I have found that being real to yourself, and to the public is best. Being superficial for appearance causes long term failure.

So that is why I stay real in my videos and in my readings. But I did decide to do something odd. I bought 3 websites.




Each of these is different, very different. I guess I hope that each one attracts more people out there to try me out. Its been fun, designing it myself, and learning what NOT to do on websites.

So, thats a bit about psychics and the career path. More blogs to come.