Being a Medium is a gift from God. I can only hope and pray that I follow my path the way God wants me too. As a psychic medium I see the world as our home, and the people on this planet as the same. We all have something in common. We are looking for answers to who we are.

As a psychic medium, I am here to help people on that path of discovery, in turn this is also helping me to understand who and what I am as a Christian.

When I give a reading, there are a few things you should know about me from the start. I am not a person who will judge you in a reading. I do not care what you ask me. From the most embarrassing and revealing to the most mundane questions are all fine with me.

Some of the questions from callers have been:

  • How do I become a psychic medium

  • I want to know if aliens are real, and how to contact them

  • Can you talk to the dead

  • Can you see or hear the dead

  • I want to know if God “or someone from the other side” has any messages for me

  • Can you tell me what my future holds

  • Will I become rich

  • When will I die

  • I am having an affair, will this cause a problem

  • Will I ever get my dream job

  • I lost something, can you see where it is

  • I want to buy a house, car, or other…will I be able to

  • Will my ex spouse come back to me

  • Will my new company be successful

  • Can you help to remove ghosts, spirits, or demons

These and other question are asked very often, so remember that you are not alone.

On another website of mine there is a Q & A section.

One of the biggest things I do is to not ask for last names or birthrates, I do NOT need them. In fact, after you give me your first name and the other parties first name if there is one, you just give me the question, or questions, and I answer them. I usually get the answer within a few seconds, or even before you finish your question.

Keep in mind, when you ask me a question, the answer might not be the best one or the favorable one you were hoping for. In fact, sometimes, it might even shock you in unexpected ways.

In 95 percent of my readings though, this always turns out to be critical information that will be needed for you.

Now Lets talk about the future, and what it holds for you. You might wonder about money, or family, or something else. Some might even ask if they are on the right path that God has in store for them.

There are a few things that I look at in that instant when you ask. The bigger picture of who is involved in your life at the present moment, and who is coming into your future path. This gives me the information to see where things are in your moment, “in the now”. This is where your freedom of choice also comes into factor along wihit your faith, convictions, and negative influences. After establishing these in a few seconds, I will then wait for another moment to see if past loved ones have any information, or rules that must be followed. In some cases, I am shown a message, but you are not permitted to hear it via myself. Or, I am told how to express it to you in specific words, expressions or feelings.

Remember for me, all I need is your first name, the second parties first name if there is one, and the questions.

You can also call me on the direct line for readings. This avoids the computer system, and gives you your choice of how much time to spend. I accept paypal. Once the payment is made, you call me directly. And remember, once the time is up, we can go over by a few minutes if it is critical.


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